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Open Call

Our 2024 programmes are now open for applications. Application process is free of charge.


At LeafCo, we understand the importance of building alignment and shared purpose amongst participants. We run a selection process that aims to build a cohesive cohort, creating the conditions for transformations to take place.


The collective energy and shared experiences of our participants shape the atmosphere and the environment of the programme. Our commitment is to:

Bring together people for shared purpose

This is an incredible opportunity for those who share a common desire for personal development and a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

We understand that each individual is unique

That's why our retreats offer a limited number of participants, ensuring personalized attention and the opportunity for profound connections.

The power of a supportive community

You will not only gain valuable tools and experiences to enhance your wellness but also forge deep and meaningful connections with individuals who will inspire and uplift you long after the retreat concludes.

Our team will carefully review each application and notify you of your approval status within 2 working days. In case of approval, further details and instructions will be shared with you to confirm your participation.

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